Staircase House

Merging of two apartments in the old part of Milan

The project was prompted by a young couple's need for a space to work and experience their home environment in harmony. The space is clean, with simple forms, light colors, parquet floors, and a reference to wood for the custom-made furniture in a way that can blend in with the environment while emphasizing its character.

The kitchen almost disappears into the wall of the living room, and the openings, which are illuminated by a meticulously designed lighting system, create a sense of movement. The bathrooms are decorated in a classic style with marble. The staircase is the apartment's focal point: built of iron, glass, and wood to connect what were initially two separate units, the staircase is like a sculpture that connects the living area to the sleeping area. The upper floor features a cabinet and a desk, anchored to the ceiling to save space, with one part completely transparent, facing the entrance, and the other buffered, also in wood, to give privacy.

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