Project for a community in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

The project's objective is to develop an inclusive open space that can accommodate all of the local community's daily activities. In addition to following the natural slope of the Kathmandu valley, the decision to place the facility on two levels is intended to create a distinction between basic and main community services, facilitating social interaction.

The construction techniques used benefit the environment by using construction materials normally thought of as waste, resulting in a reduction of reinforced concrete, which will partially absorb shock waves from future earthquakes, ensuring durability.

The project was designed in such a way that people can build it themselves, increasing their level of knowledge and raising their awareness of long-lasting and cost-effective construction techniques. One of the goals was to provide daily access to clean water through a simplified water recycling mechanism: by collecting rainwater and treating it with anaerobic filtration, this solution provides independence from the main regional water supply.

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