Feng-Shui Architecture

Energetic connections between the person and the space

The energetic harmony between people and the space they inhabit is the founding principle of any architectural project approached through the practice of FENG SHUI. Every person is unique, and so is every space; it is only natural then to feel more or less at ease in a given setting, and for this feeling to not always be shared by everyone.

FENG SHUI is an ancient oriental art that originated in China over 4,000 years ago. From then until now, its task has been to provide practical advice on the organization and arrangement of space by studying its interaction with those who live in it on a daily basis.

Everyone wants to live in a home where they can unwind and recharge, but not everyone needs the same type of home. Through the use of materials, colors and furnishings, Feng Shui transforms the environment and its features to fulfill its main function: conferring energy and tranquility, creating harmony and serenity

FENG SHUI is a study of energy flows in continuous motion.

  • The generative order of the 5 elements
  • The balance between yin and yang
  • The principle of the 8 directions

These are the tools used to study spaces and the people within them. Feng shui design does not entail changing an existing structure in accordance with rigid guidelines. Instead, it leaves open the option to enhance the space's quality and make it as harmonious as possible, resulting in a design that combines both energy balance and aesthetic beauty.

spiegazione del Feng-Shui
spiegazione del Feng-Shui
spiegazione del Feng-Shui

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